Why has my TV aerial stopped working?

Tue, 04/30/2024 - 12:35 By tony
Why has my TV aerial stopped working? - Robson Aerial Services, Leighton Buzzard

Why has my TV aerial stopped working? This is not what you want to be thinking about when settling down after a long day of work. You may try flicking the switches, disconnecting cables but the TV just won’t connect. Robson Aerial Services in Leighton Buzzard is your local aerial engineer. I am an expert in finding TV aerial failures and can promptly get your aerial working correctly once again. My same day service offer means you’ll be without a TV connection for only a short period of time until I get you up and running again. 

Common TV Aerial Faults in Leighton Buzzard

Whether your channels are pixelated or a message pops up saying, ‘no signal’, it is always frustrating when your connection is poor or lost. If this is happening frequently then there is a high chance of damage to your aerial or connecting cables. Damage often happens to older TV aerials which haven’t been updated in some time and often because of storms and bad weather. If you have connection errors, check your aerial to ensure it is still securely positioned on your roof or chimney. Incorrectly installed aerials are more likely to fall over and break. It is also important to check your cables to ensure there is no damage or breaks. Over time, cables are likely to fray which could be the cause of your poor signal. Although it may be easy to identify damaged cables, it is essential to hire a professional to replace the cables so they can ensure your aerial system is working correctly and efficiently. 

If nearby locations are having temporary repairs, then scaffolding could be the cause of your poor TV signal. This will be obstructing your connecting and may require your aerial to be temporary moved. In the summer you may also notice a signal deficit due to blossoming trees which will also require your aerial to be relocated. 

Your Local, Leighton Buzzard Aerial Specialist

Don’t allow yourself to sit wondering why has my TV aerial stopped working? Contact Robson Aerial Services in Leighton Buzzard today, to get your TV connection back and start enjoying your programmes once again. I am reliable, hard-working and will always find solutions to enable you the best quality connection.