Starlink Installations

Starlink installation We install Starlink dishes in domestic homes, offices, warehouses, factories, shops, hospitals, hotels, farms, static caravans, bed and breakfasts, schools.  

Starlink Installation.

Starlink is a very clever piece of equipment consisting of a dish with cable running to a router with built in WIFI or ethernet. The dish is a motorised and does all alignment itself as it constantly monitors for the best satellite to lock on to.

The dish was was designed more for off-grid locations where internet is a problem and so the dish seems to be designed that way along with the tripod it comes with, you can however get a pole mount adapter from Starlink for a further £35.00 which again isn't the best. Being a professional TV Aerial installation company we are used to installing equipment high up and securely using proven equipment.

All Equipment we supply as part of the installation is galvanised to ensure security and long lasting.