Starlink Installation in Amersham

By tony
Starlink Installation in Amersham by Robson Aerial Services

Do you struggle for Wi-Fi in your Amersham home? There is a solution to your below average internet speeds. Starlink Installation will enhance your internet connection, ensuring you are up to date with all your internet requirements. Robson Aerials have been installing Starlink to many UK homes giving users the freedom to stream, scroll and make video calls in areas where internet connections are difficult. Don’t let slow rural areas stop your connections.

What is Starlink Installation?

Starlink is the world’s first and largest satellite constellation. It allows a home or workplace to gain high speed internet access though transmitting signals from low earth orbiting satellites. 
To install your Starlink kit, you will need to mount the Starlink dish and connect it via power cables to your Wi-Fi router base unit. An aerial engineer will be able to set up your equipment, offering you the best locations for a good quality service. Robson Aerials have been installing aerials high up for many years and can offer you high quality materials ensuring your aerial installation is fitted safely and securely.

Why choose Starlink Installation in Amersham?

Starlink Installation offers you immediate internet connection without the hassle of contracts. Unlike most agreements, Starlink gives you the freedom to cancel the service any time you like. It is easy to install and can provide you with great high-speeds which other internet providers cannot offer in your area. With expected download speeds of 100 – 200mbps, you will be able to stream or play online games without slow internet connection issues. 

Robson Aerials in Amersham is a family run business who have been offering aerial services for many years. We can offer you a hassle free set up with your Starlink installation. Do not allow yourself poor internet connections anymore. Get your Starlink installed today!