How to Improve your TV Signal

Thu, 02/29/2024 - 13:47 By tony
Robson Aerial Services - Poor TV Signal

Are you having a bad time with your TV reception? Is pixelation interrupting your favourite shows? Robson Aerial Services in Hemel Hempstead can help you with all your aerial needs.

How to improve your TV Signal?

There is nothing more annoying than waiting for your favourite programme to begin and pixelation occurs making you miss that show you've been waiting all week to watch. With the help of our tips and tricks below you can improve your signal strength to get the best quality picture on your TV. These small changes can make a big difference in your viewing experience.

  • Check for loose or faulty cables – This is a very common reason for poor signal strength and can be easily fixed with the help of an engineer.
  • Positioning of your aerial – To improve your TV signal strength your aerial should be as high as possible (on a roof) and be facing a local broadcast tower. To determine the direction of your antenna, you can look at a transmitter location map online.
  • Re-tuning your TV – It is recommended to auto or manually tune your TV a few times a year. This will help you pick up on any new or updated channels that were missed from the last time you tuned in. It will also remove any channels which no longer have the strength to be received.
  • Check other TVs in your home – It's best to check the other TVs in your home to see if they are having signal issues also as the fault could be your TV. Some TVs may have better channel reception than others.

Why is the reception so bad on my TV?

There can be many causes for bad reception on your TV, but the main reasons tend to be loose or damaged cables, incorrectly tuned TVs, or a faulty aerial. Additionally, bad weather can also affect the reception quality. If you cannot find the solution and you live in the Hemel Hempstead area, then call us at Robson Aerial Services, we are your local aerial engineer and can help you with your aerial needs.