Extra TV points near me

Thu, 11/30/2023 - 16:22 By tony
Extra TV points near me

Is your family constantly battling for the main TV? Fed up with watching the kids TV shows? Robson Aerial Services can install extra TV points where you most need them. 

Fancy a TV in your bedroom? Or maybe a TV in kids’ playroom? As long as you have a sufficient aerial, you can have as many TV points as you wish! Here at Robson Aerial Services, we use high quality cabling to reduce interference, your TV signal will stay strong and picture clear - even with more points. If you require additional TV points from your existing aerial, you will require a splitter and a coaxial cable to connect to the socket required. One or two additional TV points can be done with no fuss however for multiple points a visit may be required to ensure the aerial receives sufficient signal. With splitting, each point will lose some form of signal strength, although not normally an issue, a poor signal strength to begin with may suffer. As long as your TV aerial is high enough and clear of obstruction there’s no reason why you can’t run multiple TVs through it without any interruptions.

Installing extra TV points 

Our installation processes are smooth, easy, and pleasurable. Our installers work with you and listen to your concerns addressing these issues effectively in our solution. For many of our customers, more TV points are a necessity. However poor TV signal is also a concern. If you require extra TV points but are worried your existing aerial simply doesn’t have adequate signal strength, we may suggest an amplifier. Amplifiers are designed to strengthen your existing signal using electrical currents. An amplifier will ensure your signal strength is enhanced allowing you to have more TV points throughout your home. 

Digital aerial services in Hemel Hempstead

If you are looking for professional and reliable digital aerial services including extra TV points in Hemel Hempstead, give Robson Aerial Services a call today. We are your local, professional, and highly experienced digital aerial specialists.