European TV Satellite Systems

Wed, 01/31/2024 - 14:28 By tony
Robson Aerial Services - European satellite installation in Leighton Buzzard

At Robson Aerial Services, Leighton Buzzard we can install European TV Satellite systems allowing you to view channels from France, Spain, Italy, Poland, and many other countries including those within the Middle East. Missing a favourite TV show from your home country? We can help! A European TV Satellite system is quick to install and will guarantee clear TV picture and sound allowing you to enjoy shows and movies in your preferred language. 

What’s involved in the process of Installing a European TV Satellite System?

Installing a European TV Satellite System requires knowledge and skill. You’ll need the correct satellite dish and ensure you gain a permit if necessary – thankfully, a valid UK TV licence is normally sufficient. You should also check with your local council for any objections. 

Our engineers will attend your property in what’s called an initial visit. During this visit we will take a look at your current TV Aerial set up and see what adjustments need to be made before European TV satellite can be received. You may need to upgrade your satellite or adjust the location for a successful installation. 

Satellite & Positioning 

The size and type of satellite required will depend on where in the world you wish to gain signal from. A larger satellite dish tends to have more success overall such as a motorised dish. A motorised dish is designed to rotate allowing them to receive signal from any satellite in reach. This makes them the ideal choice when installing a European TV satellite system. Generally more expensive however the flexibility you gain is definitely worth the investment. Multi-satellite and high gain dishes can also be used to pick up signal from across Europe. Your engineer will be able to advise you which dish is best making the process easy and stress free. 

You should also be aware the gain adequate European TV signal, your satellite dish may need to be re-positioned. The higher the dish, the better signal received. 

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