Digital Aerial Installation in Dunstable

Tue, 10/31/2023 - 12:22 By tony
Digital Aerial Installation in Dunstable

If you need a new TV aerial for your Dunstable home but aren’t really sure where to begin, Robson Aerial Services are on hand to help.

We are your local, experienced aerial installation experts and we are here to guide you through choosing the right aerial for your Dunstable home.

Types of Aerials📡

It may surprise you to discover that there are many different types of aerials on the market, each designed for specific circumstances. For many Dunstable homeowners, this array of products can seem confusing, and the technical specifications may appear to be gobbledegook! Here at Robson Aerial Services, we always talk through your aerial options with you and explain why certain products are more suitable than others. 

Let’s take a look at the main types of Aerials available to Dunstable homeowners:

  • Outdoor Aerials: Outdoor aerials are the most commonly fitted aerial in Dunstable and work well if you live within 15 – 30 miles from the nearest transmission tower. 
  • Loft Aerials: Loft aerials are often installed in new build houses where the developer or homeowners do not want an aerial on show. It is important to ensure that loft aerials are positioned correctly, and at the right height or they will not function correctly.
  • Indoor Aerials: Indoor Aerials are best suited to homes that are closer to the transmission tower, at a distance of less than 15 miles. Generally used where an outdoor or loft aerial is not an option, they are subject to more interference.

Aerial Installation👨‍🔧

Once we have determined what style of aerial would work best at your Dunstable home there are a few other things that our installers will consider before making their final recommendations. They will use their experience and extensive local knowledge to determine if any additional options need to be considered. 

They will ask:

  • Do you need an amplified aerial? If you live more than 3 miles away from the nearest transmitter or somewhere with signal disturbance caused by Wi-Fi or mobile phones, then an amplified aerial may be required. 
  • Is there any mobile tower interference? 4G/LTE mobile networks have some crossover with the bandwidths of DVB-T signals and can cause interference with your TV signal. Some aerials come with a built-in filter to keep your picture crisp and clear.
  • Freeview or HDTV? If you would like to upgrade to either of these services, then you will need an aerial that is designed with this in mind.

If you need a new aerial installed at your Dunstable home, contact Robson Aerial Services today. Our locally based, experienced and reliable aerial installers will be happy to help you choose the right aerial for your home. Call our friendly team today.