Communal TV System Installer in Hemel Hempstead

By tony
Communal TV System Installer in Hemel Hempstead

Are you looking for a reputable and reliable communal TV system installer in Hemel Hempstead? Robson Aerial Services are your local, experienced aerial installer. We have installed many communal TV systems at properties in Hemel Hempstead and the surrounding areas and can help with an installation of any size. 

Communal TV Systems 

Communal TV systems are typically installed in blocks of flats and shared households such as HMOs. They are designed to provide a signal to several homes from a single aerial. They use an integrated reception system to effectively provide digital TV to different areas of a communal building. The aerial is linked to cables run from the roof and these cables are connected to amplifiers, equalisers and multi switches. Each flat or apartment is then fed by at least one cable- or 2 for HD television.

Who uses a communal TV System?

We work within many different property types as communal TV system installers in Hemel Hempstead. Properties that benefit from communal TV system installations include:

  • Blocks of flats
  • Hospitals & care homes
  • Schools & colleges
  • Student accommodation
  • Housing Association properties such as sheltered living accommodation
  • HMO’s.

Communal TV System Options

Here at Robson Aerial Services, we can install several different kinds of communal TV systems at your Hemel Hempstead property. Our experienced installers will discuss your options and help you to decide which system would best suit your needs.

The main communal TV systems available are:

  • Integrated Reception Systems (IRS): This provides satellite, cable and aerial feed options throughout your building.
  • Fibre IRS: Most new installations now use the latest future-proof fibre optic systems for longevity and the flexibility these systems offer.
  • Sky’s Communal TV system: The sky communal TV system makes your buildings Sky Q ready. This allows your tenants access to additional services.

If you need a communal TV system installed at your Hemel Hempstead property, contact Robson Aerial Services today. Our friendly and experienced communal TV system installers will be happy to discuss your project.