Aerial & satellite services near me

Mon, 07/31/2023 - 09:16 By tony
Aerial & satellite services near me

Robson Aerial Services can install both digital Aerials & satellite systems into homes & business in and around the St Albans area.

You may be wondering what the difference is between Aerials and Satellites, the pros and cons of both and other factors like maintenance costs.

TV Aerial installations📺

TV Aerial installations receive their transmission from ground-based transmitters. Therefore, they need to be installed as high as possible on the property to avoid any interference from obstruction. Installing a TV Aerial high up will ensure the signal you receive is free from any interruptions and your TV displays a good picture. For this reason, there are of course some properties where a TV Aerial isn’t suitable.
With TV being a big part of many people’s lives, it’s very common to have TVs in multiple rooms. This is where a TV Aerial wins over a satellite system. This is because a TV Aerial can be split to provide signal to additional TVs. In simpler terms, let’s say a customer had 3 TVs in their property, within a central point our installers can fit what’s known as a "splitter" to feed signal to all the TVs. A similar thing can be done with Satellite systems, but is less efficient and could also lead to additional costs.

Satellite Systems📡

Satellite systems work by amplifying the incoming signal and changing the frequency, this signal is then transmitted back to Earth. Satellite systems do have some advantages over TV Aerials. This is because they can be installed in most properties anywhere in the country – even if you live in a remote area. Using a satellite dish also allows for services such as Sky and foreign TV systems. Satellite systems are also easier to install as they don’t need to be installed as high up as TV Aerials.

Choosing the right system🤔

There are pros and cons to both TV Aerials and Satellite systems, but these will depend on things like your personal preference, property type and your location. Here at Robson Aerial Services, we will listen to your problems and requirements to provide you with an effective solution that’s long lasting, efficient, and most importantly will provide your TV with the best possible signal.

TV Aerial & Satellite installer in St Albans📲

Robson Aerial Services operate in St Albans and the surrounding areas. We are your local, trusted TV Aerial and Satellite installers offering a same day service where possible. If you’re struggling with a poor TV signal, we are here to help. Call our friendly team today.