Aerial Engineer for Poor Freeview Reception

Thu, 12/28/2023 - 15:33 By tony
Aerial Engineer for Poor Freeview Reception

Is poor Freeview reception at your Watford home leaving you frustrated and missing out on your favourite TV shows? 

Then you need an experienced aerial engineer who can find out why you are experiencing issues. Robson Aerial Services are your local, reliable aerial engineers in Watford. We have many years of experience in diagnosing and fixing issues with poor Freeview reception. If you need an aerial engineer for poor Freeview reception in Watford, we will be happy to help.

Common Reasons your Freeview Reception is Poor

There are several reasons why your Freeview reception may be poor. The majority can be easily identified and fixed by your aerial repair engineer. The most common issues are: 

  • Poor signal strength: When the Freeview signal strength at your Watford home is too weak, your TV will struggle to understand the data stream it receives. This will cause it to either pixelate or display an error message instead of the show you were expecting. Firstly, we’ll need to make sure your home is in an area with sufficient signal strength (at least 50dB). If we find that the signal is strong enough and that the issue must therefore be your current set up, the aerial engineer will look at other options. To resolve the issue, they may need to replace or realign your aerial, or install a signal amplifier.
  • Signal too strong: It may sound crazy, but the signal strength can be too strong, and this can overload your receiver. If your Watford home is near a transmitter, this may well be what’s causing your poor reception. To fix this issue your aerial engineer will need to remove any unnecessary amplification and may advise that an attenuator is used to reduce the signal. 
  • Interference: If your Freeview reception is poor a common cause is interference. This can be from a number of different sources. The most likely culprit being interference from a mobile mast. 4G and 5G mobile masts both transmit on the frequencies once used by traditional analogue TV transmissions. This means an older analogue aerial can detect the signals and this can cause interference. To solve the issue your aerial engineer may recommend a new aerial or a 4/5G filter.
  • Faulty equipment: It is possible that it is the equipment you have at your home that is causing the interruption to your Freeview service. Your aerial could have been damaged by strong winds or water ingress, the cable could have become damaged with age and use, or your TV itself may have a fault. Your aerial engineer will be able to assist you in identifying the problem.

If you are experiencing issues with your Freeview reception in Watford, Robson Aerial Services are on hand to help. Our experienced aerial engineers are highly skilled at identifying issues causing poor Freeview reception. Call us today to book your appointment.